Friday, July 15, 2016

As I grow Older...

... the sacrosanct nature of classic rock does not feel enough to wow me. I attend concerts of aging rockstars, Black Sabbath or David Gilmour(Bucket List) but I look for Led Zeppelin of my time. And there is none. Then one fine day I understand two things have happened to change my perspective of music. First one is internal,where my brain—overloaded with calculating how to pay next month's credit card bill—has become so much tired that it takes long time for new music to register the way an entire RATM or REM album used to. Secondly, rock music has changed. You can no longer define them by four white men playing a 4/4 with a 2 minute plus guitar riff to die for. Rock stopped to invent and indie singers, who despite of their obscurity from major labels kicked in. Below is some of those examples. Is it classic rock of mid-2010s? Nope, it does not have that 'classic' feel. But is it good ? If experimentation is a criteria for good then you bet. Here is my top 5 from 2012-2016 ( Not when they were released but when I listened to them). Starngely all of them are from female singers. ————Niia is from New York now living in LA. if Miles Davis ever looked for electronic jazz, he would pick her. ( ———This gal is Dylan's love child with a penchant for storytelling ———You want Techno? You want Metal ? You want Great Pipes? Maria Brinks and Her Band for you ———— Is it pop ? Is it mindless elctronic muzik ? Whatever it is , it plays like a loop in my mind

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