Monday, March 29, 2010

The power in the flower

Old rush, hurricane
country lad, just insane
guitar chord sucks the blood
my brain is trying...trying so hard
blind man heading west

keep my foot in the air
my innocence died in her chair
lock up,up and lord
Jeremy's got a new ipod
New needle old vain
I pee on a one-way lane.

East street, second ave,
once u called my house a cave
Blood is running east and west
Time has a strange taste
Once I was there,in her yard
Her dad was busy to kill a bird
I told her I can give you a name
She used to live across Michigan and Harlem
She took the name that rhymes with rose
And my dreams took an overdose
I was standing under a burning tree
She was solving a problem of geometry
I called her ,"Come on you will catch a fire"
She smiled like a body smiling from a funeral pyre
I took a good look but it was not like her
rather like that old Irish who died in war
And the old Irish told me."get lost, boy
I have snatched your green heart and it's just my toy"
From that moment on, I felt no pain
no love, no agony,no kindness again.
No beautiful face ever left un-scarred
Legend started giving me the name of massacre
In the dark gloomy face, in the aimless, hopeless mind
You will know my place, the corner to find.

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