Friday, March 20, 2009

in a mood of lists

I told my Amrican friend, we the brown-nigga's from 3rd World are actually more fortunate. We get to taste best of both worlds. So, my now dead taste for songs is presented here.

My Mother Tongue (Bengali): Kabir Suman, Debabrata Biswas , Hemanta Mukherjee
My National Toungue(Hindi): A.R. Rahman till Sathiyaa (2000, and then....well, later), Jagjit Singh,Kishore Kumar, R D Burman, Lucky Ali(Till his 'Sifar')

My daily tongue(English) : Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan(Will I ever finish listening and consuming his whole catalog ?), Black Sabbath,Rage Against The Machine, Clapton, B B King, Velvet Underground, Lou Reed, Paul Simon,Led Zeppelin,Korn, Metallica(well)

The eternal toungue : Mozart, muzic of Satyajit Ray, Music of Nino Rota for Fellini, YO YO MA, Joe Satriani, Yungwee Malmsteen, John Lee Hooker's Solo, Enigma( till cross of changes), Fatboy Slim, Paul Scwartz and Aria,Naveen's flute

O.K. I am done with my listing. Does Springsteen and my new found love for 'Wrestler' and 'Queen of Supermarket' are there? oops.

Which Ghazal to choose?

Blogs should be simple and sweet. In an era when love death hate sex everything comes in travel pack with labor day sale tags on them, I completely obey this dictum. After completing(!!) my previous post in almost one and half years time, here is my endeavor to fame. A list of ghazals that shook the world. I mean, my world. The world of a man in search of his art, the world from which a banishment is my only reward. Well , here's my list:

1. Sochaa to meraa sayaa bhi---- do not remember (Jagjit Singh, Someone somewhere)
2. Dil hi to Hain--------- Mirza (Chitra singh, Mirza Ghalib)
3. Patta Patta Butaa Butaa-------???(Hariharan, Live)
4.Hain Noor Zindagi-----Gulzar(Jagjit Singh,Koi Baat Chale)
5.Koi Dost Hain Na Raqeeb-----???(Jagjit Singh,???)
6.Dhuaan uthaa hain----Gulzar(Jagjit Singh,Leela OST)
7. Seharo Seharo Aaj Hain Tanhaa--???(Jagjit Singh ,???)
8.Bajichaa-E-Atfal------Mirza(Jagjit Singh, Mirza Ghalib)
9.Kabhi Aansoo Kabhi Khushi Bechee-???(Jagjit Singh, Cry for Cry)
10. Din Kuch Aisaa Gujartaa hain koi---Guljar(Jagjit Singh,Marasim)

consumable, ain't that?